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* Jason J .is signed with Le Masquerade Productions which performs both nationally and Internationally.

* Jason J. stays busy singing at various benefits, concerts, parades and a variety of entertainment venues.

Jason J. is a born performer. While he grew up from humble beginnings in a small town in upstate NY, he always had big dreams. At fourteen, without any prior modeling experience or training, Jason entered his first modeling competition and won first place. At sixteen, he juggled school, a job, and training at MSA (Metropolitan School for the Arts). After completing a rigorous four years at MSA, Jason finally put his acting skills to work. Every opportunity that presented itself from regional stage to film and improvisational theater, he embraced. All this time, he pursued and finished his Bachelors degree in theater.

Now with some training, Jason J. made a long awaited move to NYC. Undaunted by the competitive entertainment industry, Jason J. began auditioning, studying, working, and networking. First came behind-the-camera jobs and then extra work for films. Slowly but surely, Jason J. began making a name for himself.

Then, one day while reading an original poem at an open mic night, Jason J. was approached by a music producer and asked if he was interested in turning his poem into a song. Although Jason J. had no previous thoughts on a singing career, he was too adventurous and too much of a performer to turn down any opportunity. Indeed, Jason J. entered the studio as an actor with passion but came out as a singing sensation.

Jason's first song "Emotions" incorporates an interesting mix of emotion and dance energy that can be heard in both NY and NJ clubs. Another of his songs, "I'll be your friend", has a catchy chorus with a more of an R&B flavor, while "Just One" is a powerful ballad that demonstrates the singer's vocal repertoire.

Currently, Jason J. and his team plan to promote his music aggressively. Indeed, he sees himself on tour very soon. If you want to know how serious Jason is about his career, this about sums it up. When asked what would keep him from performing, Jason J replied "DEATH." He adds, "I love my passion; my passion is performing. I love what I do, and if I don't put my heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, mind, and emotion into it, I have no business performing." While Jason J. is currently touring with an established boy band, he is working on his own material and hopes to release a solo album next year.